People saving and cost optimising

Cost Optimisation

Going digital on the cloud helps optimise costs with scalable opex models that grow as you grow.

Reduce Capex

Physical servers offer less functionality and scalability compared to cloud.

Minimise Maintenance

Businesses on the cloud no longer need to maintain infrastructure. 

Maximise Investments

Make the most of modern cloud platforms to power your business.

How we turn IT into business value

Modern Cloud Adoption

Become more digital by powering your business on a modern cloud platform in Microsoft 365 – an opex, month-to-month subscription service that grows as you grow.

Store your documents and data, host your emails, conduct online meetings and calls, instantly message staff and customers, license your Windows and Office apps. Microsoft 365 replaces traditional server functions with better capability and more value.

We life cycle your business to Microsoft 365 whilst keeping your staff supported, and help you adopt the platform to make the most of its full capability to ensure your business realises the full benefits across productivity, collaboration and security & compliance.

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A Modern Workplace is powered by the cloud
Person receiving the digital modern support experience

Modern Cloud Support

Give your business a modern support plan that not only helps fix issues your staff may face but also shows them how to make the most of the modern tools they have access to.

We become your IT team to drive your digital strategy that aligns to your business goals, providing proactive recommendations for improvement and optmisation that’s also on an opex subscription model.

Unused support hours rollover to put towards business value initiatives, giving you cost predictability and full value of your investment.

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Cloud Virtual Desktop

Unlock your staff from their desks and move away with capex, server based Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments that aren’t optimised for your user experience.

Host your legacy apps in the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure, the only Windows 10 hosted virtual desktop solution on an opex subscription that scales with your business.

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Applications on a desktop and laptop running in the cloud securely

Is your business ready for the modern experience?

Our packaged solution plans deliver constant value.


How SMBs are evolving with Microsoft 365 and next-gen IT.

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    Why MODEX?

    Our mission is centred around how our customers experience IT.

    Modern workplace technologies aren’t a set and forget implementation.

    Through continuous deployment and adoption, we turn IT into a function that helps our customers scale, optimise their operations and ultimately be more successful. Turning IT into business value.

    We engage, we deliver, modern.

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