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Protect company IP

Going digital on the cloud gives your business the ability to leverage modern cybersecurity and compliance tools and practices.

Track Versions

Built-in version history and data retention ensures your business is always compliant.

Protect Data

Classify and protect your company documents no matter where they are.

Identity Based Protection

Smart protection based on identities provides transparency and accountability.

We are a local accounting firm and the security of our client and company data is top priority. We chose MODEX because they understood this and built a secure solution for us on the Microsoft cloud in less than a week. Our security is improved and we have the flexibility to work remotely which, in recent times has become a necessity for our business.

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How we turn IT into business value

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Advanced Security

Today, data is so easily transferred from one place to another. It’s often dispersed among various apps and systems, making it difficult to keep track of.

Using the intelligent cloud to control access with identity, we lock down who has access to what, at any point in time and secure your sensitive documents.

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Backup for Office 365

Need a secondary data copy outside of Office 365 for compliance reasons or peace of mind?

We provide cloud backup with unlimited storage for Email, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Teams with rapid recovery, site-level rollback and granular recovery of individual items.

Backups run automatically several times a day silently in the background.

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A Modern Workplace is powered by the cloud

Modern Cloud Adoption & Support

Become more digital by powering your business on a modern cloud platform in Microsoft 365.

We life cycle your business to Microsoft 365 whilst keeping your staff supported, and help you adopt the platform to make the most of its full capability to ensure your business realises the full benefits across productivity, collaboration and security & compliance.

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Is your business ready for the modern experience?

Our packaged solution plans deliver constant value.


How SMBs are evolving with Microsoft 365 and next-gen IT.

Find out how next-gen IT partners help businesses evolve.

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    Why MODEX?

    Our mission is centred around how our customers experience IT.

    Modern workplace technologies aren’t a set and forget implementation.

    Through continuous deployment and adoption, we turn IT into a function that helps our customers scale, optimise their operations and ultimately be more successful. Turning IT into business value.

    We engage, we deliver, modern.

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