The modern experience isn't constrained by technology, it's fueled by technology.

We help businesses implement and adopt digital technology in a way that has a direct business value.

Productive anywhere

Give staff the flexibility they need to balance life & work.

Simplify technology

Enable your business with technology that just works.

Stay secure

Always-on security that protects your business on the go.

Save time

Streamline operations to focus on your core business.

How we turn IT into business value

Innovate with MODEX


Going digital on the cloud will help your business scale by giving you the ability to reach more customers and process more transactions.

When you’re digital, optimise operations through streamlining and automation of core processes, improving your customer and employee experiences.

Businesses on the cloud experience a 70% reduction in application development costs and effort, shortening your time-to-market.

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Make better decisions

Your business’ data is what makes your business unique. Leverage the data you already have to make more informed business decisions through analytics and data visualisations.

Identify trends faster, automate reporting to save time, drive business results based on actionable insights.

When you’re digital, aggregate data from multiple systems like your CRM and Inventory to optimise your supply chain and be better prepared for peaks and troughs.

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Make Better Decisions with Data Analytics
Improve ROI with consolidation and adoption

Cost optimisation

IT is traditionally a cost centre for small and medium sized businesses, with heavy capex sunk costs that often aren’t required with today’s technology.

Turn IT into an investment for the future that will improve your business, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Make the most of tools like Microsoft 365 which can power the majority of your business’ technology needs.

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Protect company IP

With ever increasing cyber threats and regulations, staying secure and compliant is a high priority for you all businesses.

Leverage modern security tools and practices to secure your data wherever it is, using information protection, data loss prevention, audit trail, version tracking and eDiscovery capabilities.

Don’t worry about disgruntled employees taking your company IP and relax knowing your information is secure.

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Protect Company IP with Modern Security

Your digital journey to innovation and growth...


Modernise your IT platform

Sign up for our Modern Cloud Adoption & Support plan and we'll migrate you to Microsoft 365 with the latest communication, collaboration, document management and security tools, whilst keeping you supported.

Optimise your business with technology

Next, we help you gradually adopt these modern Microsoft 365 tools in a way that is relevant to how you operate and your key objectives, all the while digitising your business along the way.

Drive innovation and growth

When you're a digital-first business, having the right technology and toolsets will help you accelerate your growth and innovation. Do away with manual processes to focus on bigger and better things. Use data insights to make informed business decisions.
MODEX Digital Journey

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How a Modern Workplace is critical to the SMB's success.

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Our mission is centred around how our customers experience IT.

Modern workplace technologies aren’t a set and forget implementation.

Through continuous deployment and adoption, we turn IT into a function that helps our customers scale, optimise their operations and ultimately be more successful. Turning IT into business value.

We engage, we deliver, modern.

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