The modern experience is digital-first

Digital-First small and medium sized businesses have a Competitive Advantage.

Future-proof your IT adoption, today.

With the right digital strategy and IT adoption framework, you can gain a real competitive advantage.

Are you driving business value or is IT still just a cost centre?

We are a local accounting firm and the security of our client and company data is top priority. We chose MODEX because they understood this and built a secure solution for us on the Microsoft cloud in less than a week. Our security is improved and we have the flexibility to work remotely which, in recent times has become a necessity for our business.

Charitha WasalaDirector - Sunnyside Accountants, NSW
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What are your business goals?

Remote Working

Give staff the flexibility to be fully productive working remotely. Stay connected to my teams even with everyone working from home.


Reach more customers and operate my business more efficiently.

Cost optimisation

Make the most of my IT investments to set my business up for the future.

Make better decisions

Confirm my ‘gut-feel’ decisions by understanding my business’ data.

Protect company IP

Sleep easier knowing that my business is secure and complaint.

Is IT holding your business back?

Many businesses don't realise the full benefits of technology because IT doesn't engage with digital adoption services.

Why We're Different

Speak to one of our happy customers

"MODEX provides sound advice & has a very proactive approach to support. The ability to positively work with the core departments streamlining software to simplify & improve daily operation is a welcome change.
This business partnership embraces opportunity for new technologies to influence & manage systems to cost effective secure measures."

Warren ReeseFacilities & Projects Manager - Vue Group, VIC

"MODEX helped us get our Microsoft Teams strategy right. It's not just meetings, also how to have all your documents, emails and tasks in one place, and how to effectively collaborate. Lucky we had that strategy in place and trained all our staff with the help of MODEX. During the COVID-19 issues, it was business as usual for us. Our team can work from home safely and collaborate using Microsoft Teams."

Mohan PereraFounder - Undivide, VIC

"My medical transcription company deals with very confidential work requiring high security for our clients and contractors. I instantly saw how efficient and knowledgeable MODEX were about Microsoft 365. They made it easy to get my company up and running quickly when I needed it."

Jeana ThomasDirector - Advanced Medical Transcription Service, VIC

"MODEX provided an exceptional experience, from first contact, to the final training, they have been extremely professional and pleasant to work with. We had a great rapport because they provided details and answered questions in 'lay terms' which helped make our company’s transition to Microsoft 365 go smoothly. Highly recommend!"

Revelle CourtneyOffice/Accounts Manager - VAF Memstar, SA

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