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Are you driving business value or is IT still just a cost centre?

We are a local accounting firm and the security of our client and company data is top priority. We chose MODEX because they understood this and built a secure solution for us on the Microsoft cloud in less than a week. Our security is improved and we have the flexibility to work remotely which, in recent times has become a necessity for our business.

Charitha WasalaDirector - Sunnyside Accountants, NSW
Mission Statement - Turn IT into Business Value

What are your business goals?

Remote Working

Give staff the flexibility to be fully productive working remotely .


Reach more customers and operate my business more efficiently.

Cost optimisation

Make the most of your IT investments to set my business up for the future.

Make better decisions

Confirm my ‘gut-feel’ decisions by understanding my business’ data.

Protect company IP

Sleep easier knowing that my business is secure and complaint.

Is IT holding your business back?

Many businesses don't realise the full benefits of technology because IT doesn't engage with digital adoption services.

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